The TMAC Group consists of a collection of unique pubs all created in Calgary. These establishments host a merriment of the highest quality, freshly prepared food to be celebrated with an extensive selection of thirst quenchers in a relaxed and comfortable setting. Each location is handcrafted by design to reflect the spirit of the local community. Carefully constructed around the history of the name, we are attentive to the design and character of the decor through to the menu and its presentation. Our pubs are rich with character and individuality; ideal settings for local people, businesses, and tourists to consume all that we offer, and a place to call their own.

Equally important to maintaining the high reputation and success of each pub is the dedication and commitment to excellence of our valued employees. Our pride starts at the management level and flows through to the support staff, whether working directly with the public or behind the scenes. Management's open door policy creates a transparency that allows the staff to feel as comfortable in our establishments as the customers they serve.

TMAC Pub Restaurant Group is not a chain, it's a family of pubs. We constantly strive to meet our patrons' needs whether it be a celebration, social gathering, or a community fundraiser.


"We currently do not have any job postings at this time. However if you choose to submit your resume below we will keep it on file for 6mths. If a position becomes available we will contact you accordingly. Thanks TMAC Team.

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125 8th Ave SW, Calgary, AB